Godstowe School Shrubbery Road High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP13 6PR Tel: 01494 529273


Godstowe School Shrubbery Road High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP13 6PR Tel: 01494 529273

Introduction to the Nursery

'Little Godstowe' is a termly nursery which encourages children from three years old to learn in a natural and pleasurable way. Through the exercise of their imagination and through their powers of imitation, each child develops their own unique potential within a secure and calm environment. 

Little Godstowe has a small pupil to teacher ratio and provides an environment purpose-designed to suit the developing minds, abilities and imagination of pre-school children


Little Godstowe has been specially designed to meet the needs of our youngest pupils. Its rooms are light and spacious, with resources and toys for every stage of development. Free play, both inside and out, is encouraged and spectacular art projects are completed each term. Children also enjoy structured activities that help prepare them for the move to 'big school'. Through a phonics programme they begin to recognise their phonics and read and spell simple words. Boys and girls also have a quiet time each day to rest.

Large, fully enclosed gardens and woodland to explore within the grounds of Godstowe

Little Godstowe has a computer and whiteboard that children use throughout the day, with software to suit all abilities. 

Outside, Little Godstowe has 3 large, fully enclosed gardens with lots of exciting play equipment. Children spend time out of doors exploring their immediate environment including woodland in the grounds of Godstowe.

Four members of staff are committed to the welfare of the children in their care. Anxious children soon gain confidence through the one-to-one attention and encouragement they receive. Each child is allocated a key person who will develop a special relationship with your child.

This is an outstanding Nursery with wonderful resources and facilities. The Nursery staff are extremely knowledgeable and caring. I couldn't leave my child in better hands academically and pastorally.
Parent review, daynurseries.co.uk

The Little Godstowe week is divided into ten sessions - mornings (one session) or all day (two sessions). Afternoon-only sessions are not available. Additional sessions may be introduced to suit you and your child and may be increased to the full ten sessions (five days) when he or she feels ready. Morning sessions are from 8.15am to 11.45am and a full day is from 8.15am to 3.30pm. The doors open at 8.15am.

To keep energy levels topped-up, boys and girls have a healthy mid-morning snack. A wholesome, two-course cooked lunch is served each day, and the Little Godstowe children join Beginners in their Dining Room. At 3pm a light afternoon snack is also provided for the children.  They are encouraged to practice good table manners and to enjoy the social aspect of sharing a meal with friends. As the school year progresses, nursery children begin to integrate more fully with the older children, sharing their playground, attending assemblies and joining in celebrations.