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New records set on Main School Sports Day


Three new individual records were set on Sports Day on Friday 19th June. Pupils from Form I (Year 3) to the Fourths (Year 8) took part in a full morning of track races, cheered on by parents and fellow pupils from their colour teams. 

Annabel Tanner set a new record in the Form II 160m, completing the race in 27.05s. In the Middles 160m, Eliya Koshoni sped round the track in 24.52s to set a new record for that year group. Arah Elombi (Fourths) who, after winning the 65m, then set a new record of 22.81s in the 160m.

The baton relay also saw two new records set. In Form II, the Green colour team completed the relay in 56.67s and in the Lowers, the Yellow team finished in 53.83s.

The Victrix Ludorum was won by Amelia Foord. She won the Long Jump during the Field Finals earlier in June, and then went on to win the Uppers 65m and 160m on Sports Day. The Victrix Ludorum runners up were Arah Elombi, Georgie Marcer and Sarien Ibru.

The overall colour team winners, for track and field, were the Yellow team with 539 points.

The full results, including the cup winners, are as follows:


 NR = New Record 


Form I

Sophie Habgood, 11.49

Sophie Habgood, 29.90 ----600m - Lucy Baker, 2.22
Form IIAnnabel Tanner, 10.48Annabel Tanner, 27.05 (NR)----600m - Serena Pallenberg, 2.12
LowersJasmine van Rest, 10.07Jasmine van Rest, 26.46----600m - Darcie Sloggett, 2.12
MiddlesRolake Babalola, 9.30Eliya Koshoni, 24.52 (NR)Josie Jackson, 13.17600m - Megan Harris, 2.03
UppersAmelia Foord, 9.75Amelia Foord, 25.28Sarien Ibru, 12.70800m - Alice Moffat, 2.53
FourthsArah Elombi, 8.68

Isabel Viola, 24.25
Arah Elombi, 22.81 (NR set in heats) 

Georgie Mercer, 12.35800m - Soraya Lockwood, 2.44

Track and Field 


Lower Division

1. Red 168

2. Blue 137

3. Yellow 129

4. Green 126

Middle Division1. Yellow 208


2. Blue 175

3. Red 163

4. Green 131

Upper Division1. Yellow 202


2. Red 198

3. Green 183

4. Blue 149


 Sports Day Cups


Senior Throwing CupGeorgie Mercer
Senior Long JumpArah Elombi
Senior High JumpCleo Sloggett
Senior 800mSoraya Lockwood
Senior 160mIsabel Viola
Senior HurdlesGeorgie Mercer
Senior Flat RaceArah Elombi
Senior RelayGreens
Vixtrix Ludorum

Amelia Foord

Runners-up: Arah Elombi, Georgie Mercer & Sarien Ibru

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