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Trips out on Activities Day

Pre-Prep Prep

With most of Main School out on trips, it was particularly quiet walking around school yesterday. Only the Middles remained, spending the day in the JK Theatre practicing for their upcoming production in November.

  • Meanwhile, Form I visited Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, which is home to nearly 3,000 animals. The girls visited all sorts of enclosures and saw everything from giraffes to seals.
  • Mrs Lake took Form II down to Bath to see the Roman Baths. This was particularly appropriate as they will be learning about Roman occupation in Britain during the second half of term.
  • The Lower Thirds headed up to London with Mr Summersgill, visiting the Tower of London and the WWI poppy display - the inspiration behind Godstowe's own poppy project (see 10th October newsletter).
  • Following the same theme as Form II, the Upper Thirds visited the site of Verulamium, the Roman Theatre and museum, enabling the girls to study the way of life of the Romans in Britain and those under power from the 1st to the 5th centuries AD.
  • The Fourths focused on geography and maths during their trip to Wendover Woods, studying the impact that visitors have on the area and also completing an orienteering course. 

Despite a slightly wet, miserable day, moods were not dampened and everyone returned to school having had a thoroughly enjoyable day.


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