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Fresh ideas in the Godstowe kitchen

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Since our new Catering Manager, Fraser Bell, joined us in September, he and his team from Brookwood have been working hard in the kitchen, bringing new and exciting food to the table.

During the summer half term, the dining room itself had a spruce up. There is a new hydration station for self-service flavoured water, a new salad bar with a choice of healthy vegetable and high fibre compound salads on offer and a different themed meal time every day.

The menu now includes a wider range of fish, meat and vegetarian proteins, which are different each day. As well at hot desserts, there is yoghurt with toppings and a larger variety of fresh fruits. Vegetables have also been introduced into snacks and desserts - for example, beetroot brownie.

There is now a Boarding Food Committee, who discuss and pass on their thoughts about the meals at Godstowe. Any pupil can also fill in a quick and easy comment card, which includes how the kitchen could improve what they enjoyed and what they eat out of school.

As a school, staff speak to their form groups about where foods come from and the various ways we can eat and enjoy healthy food.

Here are some photos of our new-look dining room.




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