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Prize winners at Marlow Music Festival

Music Godstowe

Godstowe girls came home with a number of prizes from Marlow Music Festival

Last week, some of our violinists took part in the Marlow Music Festival. As well as being a positive learning experience, all the girls performed exceptionally well and received awards. 

The results were as follows:

Beginners class:
1st Fariha Lovejoy
2nd Sherry Huang
3rd Alexandra Li

Grade 1 & 2:
1st Annika Shenoy
2nd Sherry Huang
3rd Ahjung Kim and Fariha Lovejoy

U12s Closed String Class:
1st Cindy Guo

U12s Open String Class:
1st Alexandra Day & Airi Kiyama
2nd Cindy Guo

U12 String Recital:
1st Alexandra Day, Airi Kiyama & Hojung Kim
2nd Cindy Guo & Amy Oh
3rd Carina Shenouda

Grade 5 & 6: 
1st Carina Shenouda
2nd Airi Kiyama

Grade 7 & 8:
1st Lexi Shenouda

Under 18 Closed String Class: 
1st Lexi Shenouda


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