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Forms & Structure of the Day

Our year group names are listed below, alongside their National Curriculum equivalents.

Form Names

Godstowe Year GroupsNational CurriculumAge Range
Nursery - boys and girls, aged 3 to 4Pre School3 to 4
Pre-Prep (Lodge) - boys and girls aged 4 to 7:  
BeginnersReception4 to 5
KindergartenYear 15 to 6
TransitionYear 26 to 7
Prep (Main School) - girls aged 7 to 13:  
Form IYear 37 to 8
Form IIYear 48 to 9
Lower ThirdYear 59 to 10
Middle ThirdYear 610 to 11
Upper ThirdYear 711 to 12
IV FormYear 812 to 13

Structure of the Day

School DayStartsFinishes
Nursery - full day8.45am3.30pm
Nursery - morning only8.45am11.45am
Pre-Prep (Lodge)8.15am3.30pm
Prep (Main School) 8.00-8.25am4.10pm
Extended Day:  
Pre-Prep (Lodge)/Nursery Breakfast Club7.45am 
Prep (Main School) Breakfast Club7.30am 
Pre-Prep (Lodge)/Nursery Care Club3.30pm5.25pm
Prep (Main School) Enrichment Curriculum 14.30pm5.30pm
Prep (Main School) Enrichment Curriculum 25.30pm6.30pm
Prep (Main School) Supper Club6.30pm7.30pm

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