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Tours & Outings

School trips at Godstowe are an integral and very important aspect of our personal development programme. 

The girls in the main school will have numerous opportunities to take part in exciting trips and outings, some integrated into the curriculum, others not. Some are merely recreational.

The list of annual trips is varied and regularly changes.  Here are just some examples of what we get up to ...

  • USA Lacrosse Tour: Every two years for a selected squad, playing up to six competetive matches and involving training clinics.  Girls stay in Hotels in Washington and NYC as well as spending time hosted by local families in Boston and Baltimore. UIII + IV girls only.
  • France: Every year, as part of the IVs (Year 8) leavers' programme.  Outdoor activity and multiple challenges for a week.
  • Cranedale: Every year, for the Year 7 girls.  A week in North Yorkshire on a Science and Geography field trip. 
  • Ski Trip: Every year for girls in Years 6 - 8.  Holiday time trip to Lake Tahoe!
  • Skern Lodge: Year 6, residential week during summer half term holiday.  North Devon multi-activity programme.
  • Iceland: Every two years for girls in Years 6, 7 and 8. 
  • Music Tour to Italy: (From time to time) selected musicians and choristers.
  • Examples of regular Activity Days: The Natural History Museum, Highclere Castle, Tower of London, Verulamium, College Lake Environment Centre, Hazard Alley, The National Gallery, Fieldtrip to the New Forest, Warwick Castle, Houses of Parliament, London Theatreland and many, many others.