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Physical Education

“During the key stages, pupils should be taught knowledge, skills and understanding through games, dance and gymnastic activity.

PE gives pupils an understanding of the important role physical activity plays in a balanced, healthy life. By experiencing a range of activities and developing their skills, competence and confidence, pupils can make informed choices about how they want to get involved in physical activity both at school and in the community.”

The National Curriculum

By embracing the National Curriculum and developing our own extended PE programme, Godstowe’s aims are very clear. We want every child to...

  • be physically active and take enjoyment from it
  • learn how physical exercise affects the body
  • find a lasting sense of purpose, achievement and fulfi lment in physical activity
  • develop skills, habits and interests that will promote a healthy lifestyle
  • develop positive moral attitudes, such as perseverance, determination and fair play
  • understand how to cope with success and failure
  • appreciate the need for a competitive edge where appropriate
  • participate with as much enthusiasm as possible
  • enjoy a wide ranging, challenging and fulfi lling programme

We have three full-time and two part-time specialist members of the PE department, who offer high quality teaching and coaching. We are also supported by several other staff who lead clubs and activities and therefore enhance the curricular and extra-curricular sports opportunities.