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Reserve your seats for the Fourths' summer production

Prep Drama

This term, the Fourths will be performing The Vackees on three consecutive nights - Wednesday 1st (6.30pm), Thursday 2nd (7pm) and Friday 3rd July (7pm).  

The story of The Vackees centres around Kip and his friends being evacuated from London during WWII and their escapades in the village of Darchett.  The children of Darchett have very mixed feelings about this parallel invasion, as they see it, and much fun, friction and a little romance ensues. 

The children at school will not have their own performance, although they will get to enjoy some of the songs on the Wednesday afternoon.

We invite ALL parents and friends to come to see The Vackees. Please follow the link below and reserve your seats as soon as possible.  Seats are likely to be snapped up quickly.

Seats for the final performance on Friday 3rd July are offered as a priority to the IVs parents and all IVs parents are encouraged to see the show that night. However, from Monday 22nd June, ALL further tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis to all applicants, for whichever evening they choose. 

To reserve your seats, please follow this link.

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