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Uniform and Home Clothes

The following is a guide to the type of clothing that may be worn when girls are not in school uniform.  All clothes must be machine washable and suitable for the tumble dryer.

Smart Formal:

To be worn on formal occasions. Skirts/tops or dresses of an appropriate length and style for a formal occasion. Home shoes or school shoes.

Smart Casual:

To be worn on occasions such as theatre trips, 
and socials. Skirts/tops, dresses, smart trousers (not jeans), school shoes or sensible home shoes.


To be worn on informal occasions such as after school and weekends. Dresses, skirts/tops, jeans, shorts, T-shirts, jumpers etc.



  • Casual Clothes: dresses and tops should not be short or revealing (i.e. no strappy tops/dresses)
  • Shoes: home shoes are optional on all occasions, but should be appropriate to the occasion and should not have a heel of more than one inch. To help with storage problems, boarders should not have more than two pairs of shoes and one pair of casual boots.
  • Makeup and nail varnish are not appropriate to wear with school uniform. Jewellery is not allowed, with the exception of a plain religious symbol, such as a cross or the Star of David, which may be worn under school uniform. On certain school trips jewellery may be allowed in the evenings, at the discretion of the housemistress/leader of the group. Valuable items are to be discouraged for obvious reasons, and girls must take responsibility for their own belongings.
  • Girls whose ears have been pierced are allowed to wear plain gold studs only, but these must be removed for PE lessons. Parents are requested not to have their daughter’s ears pierced during term time, but only at the start of the summer holidays. All items of clothing and other possessions should be clearly marked. Watches must be named, and all shoes and trainers must be labelled. Everything should be clean and in good repair, clearly marked with printed tapes. Hanging loops are required on games clothes, cloaks, blazers, coats and overalls. Any new clothes sent during term time should also be clearly labelled. Watches, analogue preferred, must be engraved.
  • Glasses must have unbreakable lenses.
  • The school uniform shop will name new girls’ uniform for a small fee.