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Religious Studies

Questions! Questions! Questions! 

In Religious Studies lessons, we ask a lot of questions.....and try to find some answers.  Our lessons give the ideal opportunity to discuss some of the most difficult questions, such as, “What is God like?” and, “Is there life after death?”

As a school with a Church of England Foundation, the majority of our pupils come from a Christian family background. We are delighted, however, that within the School there are children from other faiths and we welcome them into our Christian community. This helps us to understand that there are different ways of looking at things and makes us think more deeply about what we believe ourselves. Each year group will study an introduction to one of the world’s major religions in order to discover what we have in common, but also to consider what the differences are, and why.

To help us in our thinking, we study the Children’s Bible or the New International Version on the interactive whiteboard. Both our lessons and our collective worship aim to help pupils achieve a personal awareness of God in their everyday understanding of the world. Godstowe recognises that all our pupils are capable of developing spiritually whether or not they have a religious belief. We very much value our strong Christian foundation and caring ethos at Godstowe but we equally value our School as a multi-cultural community, whereby we live and work together with common values and aims.

Lower Division

Years 3 & 4

Form I study Festivals from many of the world's major religions, Parables of Jesus and Bible Heroes.    

Form II study Hinduism, the Teachings of Jesus and Islam             

Follow-up work can include worksheets, writing and drawing.

Middle Division

Years 5 & 6

The Lower III study Sikhism, the History of the Bible and Buddhism.

The Middle III study Judaism and Christianity in depth. Revision forms part of the syllabus in order to help the girls prepare for summer exams. 

Follow-up work can involve worksheets, use of ICT, writing and drawing.  

Upper Division

Years 7 & 8

The Upper III and Fourth Form follow the Common Entrance syllabus, which consists of Old Testament and New Testament texts and the contemporary issues which arise from them.  Christianity as a major world religion is also studied in depth. 

For the Upper III, revision assistance, in how best to answer CE questions, forms a big part of the work in the summer term. In Fourth Form, the pupils follow a carefully tailored revision schedule covering the whole syllabus, which runs alongside a more contemporary study of the bigger issues of life.