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Scholarships to Senior School

Excellence is evident in all aspects of school life, from the impressive scholarship results and senior school places gained to the cups and awards in many curricular and co-curricular areas

ISI Report 2018

Scholarships to senior schools are competitive examinations awarded on merit and accomplishment. 

Some schools offer academic scholarships only, whilst others offer art, drama, music, sport, dance, DT and 'all-rounder' awards. Discounted fees often accompany a scholarship award.

In 2018, 34 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Tobi AdegbesanSouth West Regional AwardBadminton
Dore AdeosunSports ScholarshipBadminton
Dore AdeosunSports ScholarshipSt Mary's Calne
Beatrice BarkerMusic ScholarshipRugby
Lydia BrearleyMusic ScholarshipClaires Court
Zara CherryAcademic ScholarshipWellington
Zara CherryAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Alice CrowstonSports ExhibitionDowne House
Dayeon GoMusic ScholarshipDowne House
Cindy GuoMusic ScholarshipWellington
Romilly HiggsAcademic ScholarshipHeathfield
Poppy HindsCrosthwaite Academic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Poppy HindsAcademic ScholarshipWellington
Poppy HindsSports ScholarshipWellington
Poppy HindsAcademic ScholarshipStowe
Poppy HindsRoxburgh All-Rounder ScholarshipStowe
Eleanor MartinSports ScholarshipBerkhamsted
Eleanor MartinSports ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Irina MituAcademic ScholarshipHeadington
Lyla MulcahySports ExhibitionStowe
Grace NamArt ExhibitionDowne House
Lucy PeperellSports ExhibitionSt Edward's
Darcie SloggettFull ScholarshipClaires Court
Sayuri ShukawaAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Annie TownsendAcademic ScholarshipMillfield
Annie TownsendAll-Rounder ScholarshipMillfield
 (Awarded Nine at Millfield Scholarship) 
Jasmine van RestMusic ScholarshipUppingham
Isabelle WilsonSports ScholarshipHeathfield
Isabel Bhatia11+ Sports ScholarshipOxford High
Sophie Graham11+ Sports ScholarshipMoreton Hall
Ava Lock-Phillips11+ Academic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Victoria Min11+ Art ScholarshipDowne House
Elizabeth Watfa11+ Head's AwardPipers Corner

In 2017, 27 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Rolake BabalolaSports ScholarshipSt Swithun's
Talia BalogunArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Talia DicksSports ScholarshipMayfield
Hannah DringSports ScholarshipSt Helen's & St Katherine's
Inge Du ToitSports ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Phoebe FoxAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Megan HarrisWalpole ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Bella HuMusic ExhibitionDowne House
Josie JacksonSports ScholarshipWellington
Sasha KorovkinaOpen ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Eliya KoshoniSport General ScholarshipMillfield
Kathleen LaiAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Kathleen LaiMusic ScholarshipDowne House
Gladys LiArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Jade MarkMusic ExhibitionCranleigh
Honor MivalMusic ScholarshipMarlborough
Honor MivalMusic ScholarshipWellington
Isabella MorleyMusic ScholarshipMarlborough
Ottilie PerkinsCE commendation for excellenceWellington
Flossie RowleyAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Flossie RowleySports ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Natasha TurnerChoral AwardWellington
Annie YangArt ScholarshipDowne House
Hojung Kim11+ Music ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Elysia Yap11+ Music ScholarshipHeadington
Elysia Yap11+ Music ExhibitionOxford High
George Simkins8+ Academic ScholarshipThe White House, London

In 2016, 54 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded

Sylvie AbdooLord Halifax Academic ScholarshipSt Edward's
Juliet BarnardAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Eve BellamyHeadmaster's AwardRoedean
Olivia BorthwickMaths ExhibitionSt George's, Ascot
Philippa ClackCE prize for excellent perfomanceSt Edward's
Olivia DaviesArt ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Olivia DaviesArt ScholarshipSt George's Ascot
Alexandra DayMusic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Amelia FoordSports ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Caroline GoughArt ScholarshipTudor Hall
Ella GurneyArt ScholarshipUppingham
Katie HornettCE Distinction for ExcellenceBradfield
Katie HornettCE Prize for HistoryBradfield
Katie HornettCE Prize for SpanishBradfield
Stella LindquistMajor Academic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Isabella LudlamManners Wood Music Scholarship
Isabella LudlamCE prize for exellent performanceMarlborough
Isabella LudlamMusic ScholarshipOundle
Ella McGuireGeneral ScholarshipOundle
Tess McIntyreCE CommendationWellington
Lucy MoffatAcademic ScholarshipKing's, Worcester
Lucy MoffatMusic ScholarshipKing's, Worcester
Sappho NovatinCE High Achievement PrizeDowne House
Lauren OgdenAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Amy OhAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Amy OhMusic ExhibitionCheltenham Ladies'
Amy OhMusic ScholarshipWellington
Sophie QianArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Elizabeth RogersAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Petch RojchuphanSports ScholarshipDowne House
Lottie RowlinsSports ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Millie SellersMusic ScholarshipBeneden
Millie SellersMusic ScholarshipSt Mary's Ascot
Alexandra ShenoudaMusic ScholarshipWellington
Carina ShenoudaMusic ScholarshipWellington
Hannah StaddonAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Christina TannerCE CommendationWellington
Lu TianArt ScholarshipBadminton
Lu TianArt ScholarshipDowne House
Maya TorkingtonAcademic ScholarshipSt George's Ascot
Chandrika WaddletonAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Chandrika WaddletonArt ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Chandrika WaddletonArt ScholarshipQueen Margaret's, York
Chandrika WaddletonArt ExhibitionRoyal Masonic School
Beatrix Watson-SmythAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Alice WrightDrama ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Anjali Darling12+ Academic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Souny Park12+ Academic ScholarshipDowne House
Souny Park12+ Music ScholarshipDowne House
Jasmine Adams11+ Music ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Zara Cherry11+ Academic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Hannah Gibbons11+ Academic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Lucy Parker11+ Drama ScholarshipBerkhamsted
Emelia Yap11+ Music ScholarshipHeadington

In 2015, 34 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Aisha EdwardsSports ScholarshipHeathfield
Aisha EdwardsSports ScholarshipTudor Hall
Eleonore DebsHeadmaster's Art PrizeMarlborough
Poppy Denison-SmithDrama ScholarshipTudor Hall
Emily HannisAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Emily HannisAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Emily HannisAcademic ScholarshipSt George's, Ascot
Amaal HasenMusic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Marjolein HewlettMusic ExhibitionQueen Anne's
Scarlett IronsMarshall Academic ScholarshipWellington
Scarlett IronsDesign Technology ScholarshipWellington
Scarlett IronsOWS ScholarshipWellington
Kate LarardAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Abbie LeaverAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Abbie LeaverDrama ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Soraya LockwoodSports ScholarshipSt George's, Ascot
Ella MabonAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Georgina MercerSports ScholarshipStowe
Ariel MoArt ExhibitionDowne House
Ariel MoCE Mathematics PrizeDowne House
Annabel ParkinArt ScholarshipWellington
Alexandra SalataChoral AwardWellington
Alexandra SalataCE Academic CommendationWellington
Cleo SloggettMajor 13+ ScholarshipClaires Court
Anna TchenDesign Technology ScholarshipMarlborough
Lingsi TseGoodland Academic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Isabel ViolaHeadmistress's AwardWestonbirt
Yan Yan WaiArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Yan Yan WaiBeale AwardCheltenham Ladies'
Yao Yao XuArt ScholarshipBadminton
Yao Yao XuArt ScholarshipDowne House
Ji Min (Scarlett) YouMusic ScholarshipWellington College
Ji Min (Scarlett) YouCE Academic Commendation Wellington
Ji Min (Scarlett) YouMusic Exhibition Wycombe Abbey

In 2014, 11 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Amelia ChilversArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Milly CranmerRoxburgh ScholarshipStowe
Tabitha DavenportSports ScholarshipMilton Abbey
Isabelle EvettMusic ScholarshipOundle
Isabelle EvettMusic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Trinity HillDrama ExhibitionDowne House
Eri KamadaAcademic ScholarshipRugby
Lara MullinsHeadmaster's CE AwardUppingham
Elizabeth ReynardAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Emilia SheffieldCE History PrizeBradfield
Alexia Taee Music ScholarshipWellington
St Mary's Ascot


In 2013, 21 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Amy CouchCentenary Academic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Mollie PerksSports ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Sophie PrentisSports ScholarshipDowne House
Proud RojchuphanCE Mathematics PrizeDowne House
Montana CookeArt ScholarshipHaileybury
Montana CookeSports ScholarshipHaileybury
Ella AshworthHeadmistress’ Prize for ArtHeadington
Josephine AuAcademic ExhibitionMalvern St James
Srija Ghosh11+ Academic ScholarshipOxford High
Harriet Crockett11+ Art ScholarshipPipers Corner
Phoebe Andersen-CoxArt ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Phoebe Andersen-CoxDrama ExhibitionQueen Anne’s
Ella AshworthArt ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Grace GiffordAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Mami NakadaMusic ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Anmol Gill11+ Art ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Jessamy Money-KyrleSports ScholarshipSt Mary’s, Calne
Olivia ThomasSports ScholarshipStowe
Sunny OhMusic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Annie ParkerAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Annie ParkerMusic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey


In 2012, 26 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

 Katie WellsAcademic ScholarshipAmpleforth
 Anna von HagenMusic Exhibition (11+)Berkhamsted
Olivia KeatleyAcademic ExhibitionCheltenham Ladies’
Lizzie LaurenceArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Lydia GreenAcademic ExhibitionDowne House
Rumbi WasterfallArt ExhibitionDowne House
Natashia BerrioArt ScholarshipMalvern St James
Charlotte LeaverAcademic Scholarship (deferred from 11+)Queen Anne’s
Elizabeth RaynsfordCE Physics PrizeRugby
Se Hee LimMusic ScholarshipSevenoaks
Se Hee LimJohn Runge AwardSevenoaks
Beth SpinksAcademic ExhibitionSt. Mary’s, Calne
Olivia GoughArt ScholarshipTudor Hall
Olivia GoughMinor Music ScholarshipTudor Hall
Evangeline LeekFull Music ScholarshipTudor Hall
Evangeline LeekMinor Sports ScholarshipTudor Hall
Sofie SvanikierFull Sports ScholarshipTudor Hall
Rosanna MullinsCommon Entrance PrizeUppingham
Annabelle TurnerSports ExhibitionWellington
Felicity GardnerHeadmaster’s Academic AwardWorth School
Laura BaileyAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Olivia KeatleyOpen ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Jia KimAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Jia KimMusic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Kelly KimArt ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Kelly KimMusic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey


In 2011, 15 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

 Rosa WatsonArt ExhibitionBloxham
 Evie GardnerSports ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
 Soo-Jeong KimAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
 Soo-Jeong KimMusic ExhibitionCheltenham Ladies’
Amanda LeeAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Clara RupfAcademic ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Ekaterina LelikovaAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Hannah TongAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
Lucy HewinsAcademic ScholarshipOundle
Olivia CockingAcademic Scholarship (11+)Pipers Corner
Ella WalkerArt ScholarshipSt George’s,  Ascot
Aleksia ZivanovicRoxburgh ScholarshipStowe
Claudia DaveyAcademic Scholarship (11+)The Abbey, Reading
Ella DaviesArt ExhibitionWellington
Natasha NealeAcademic ExhibitionWellington


In 2010, 21 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Maria LiAcademic ScholarshipBadminton
Jacqueline ChoAcademic ScholarshipBenenden
Chelsea ChaeArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Maria LiArt CommendationCheltenham Ladies'
Sarah YoonArt ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies'
Holly Beveridge11+ Music ScholarshipChrist's Hospital
Elizabeth BossonMusic ScholarshipDowne House
Elizabeth BossonCommon Entrance AwardDowne House
Rachel LeeArt ScholarshipDowne House
Sarah YoonAcademic ExhibitionDowne House
Clemmie AlexanderAcademic ScholarshipHeadington
Charlotte AshworthAcademic ScholarshipHeadington
Anna SymonsAcademic ScholarshipMarlborough College
Mairidgh O'Brien11+ Art ScholarshipPipers Corner
Hannah RaynsfordAcademic ScholarshipRugby
Charlotte Leaver11+ Deferred Academic ScholarshipQueen Anne's
Ineke MannMusic & Drama ExhibitionQueen Anne's
Chelsea ChaeArt ScholarshipSt. George's, Ascot
Sophie FallenAcademic ScholarshipSt. Helen's, Northwood
Sophie FallenCrosthwaite ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Ambika HandaOpen ScholarshipWycombe Abbey


In 2009, 22 Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards were awarded.

Chloe KwonMusic ExhibitionCheltenham Ladies’
Georgia VellacottSports ScholarshipCheltenham Ladies’
Emily LeungAcademic ScholarshipCranbrook School
Ashley HwangMusic ExhibitionDowne House
Ashley HwangArt ScholarshipDowne House
So-Eun KimAcademic ScholarshipDowne House
So-Eun KimMusic ScholarshipDowne House
Poppy CastertonSports Scholarship (11+)Millfield
Alexandra HodgsonAcademic ScholarshipOundle
Katherine CollingsAll-Round ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Gabriella CooperAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Eleanor GloverAcademic ScholarshipQueen Anne’s
Celia HigsonAll-Rounder AwardSt Edward’s, Oxford
Georgina KnightAcademic ScholarshipSt Helen and St Katharine's
Phoebe CaveArt/Academic ExhibitionWellington College
Gabriella CooperAcademic ExhibitionWellington College
Serena BajwaAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Charlotte BakerWilliam Johnston Yapp ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Poppy BrownMusic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Grace KimMusic ScholarshipWycombe Abbey
Grace KimAcademic ExhibitionWycombe Abbey
Alexandra MackintoshLancaster ScholarshipWycombe Abbey

Excellence is evident in all aspects of school life, from the impressive scholarship results and senior school places gained to the cups and awards in many curricular and co-curricular areas

ISI Report 2018